Our Guide to Planning Ahead is intended to help you think about your pet’s final arrangements and to make the most appropriate decisions regarding your pet and your family’s wishes. Doing so will help ensure that your pet receives the same loving care and attention to death that you provided for them in life.  Certainly, none of us wish to think of that day. However, careful and conscientious planning ahead of time will give you and your family the opportunity to discuss how you will care for your pet’s physical remains, memorialize your beloved pet, and celebrate the life that you all shared together.

A Guide to Planning Ahead

Through advanced planning and careful consideration of all available options, you and your family will be confident with the decisions that you make when that difficult day arrives. Knowing exactly what to do will not only ensure that your pet receives the highest level of respect and care in a very timely fashion, but it will also help eliminate the stress and uncertainty that can accompany a loss. This peace of mind is the ultimate support you will need and appreciate as a grieving pet parent.

Once you have pre-planned your pet’s final arrangements and have completed this guide place it in a safe place for you to bring to your Pet Passages funeral home when you need our services. Or, simply fill out the on-line form below and hit send at the bottom of the form to transmit the information to us for safe keeping. That way, when the day comes when you actually need our services and assistance for your pet’s final arrangements, we can simply access your file to review what you have carefully and thoughtfully decided and move forward with your wishes.

Pre-Plan Form


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