Euthanasia is a difficult decision, and we advise consulting your veterinarian for their expertise on this topic. Pet Passages® has a partnership with a mobile veterinarian (Dr. Erin Matero / Matero Veterinary Services that assists our cremation clients with these services at our facility in one of our “Rainbow Bridge” rooms.  This is on a pre-arranged, pre-scheduled basis ONLY.  We find pets are often stressed by visits to the vet, so our facility provides a calm and peaceful alternative. There are also other mobile Veterinarians that you can hire (all are welcome to use our facility) if that is your desire. We can pick up after ANY in-home euthanasia procedure and bring your pet into our care.  Below is pricing set by our vet partner for euthanasia at Pet Passages, Lake Orion. Dr. Matero can also be available for in-home needs.

Euthanasia Pricing


1-20 lbs.


21-65 lbs.


66-110 lbs.


111-200 lbs.