Kindly remembering your pet’s legacy…

We believe the love you shared makes a Pet Memorial special. This love becomes infused into the personalized cremation urn, pet grave marker or keepsake you’ve selected. The memorial piece you’ve chosen becomes a testament to your family’s love and devotion to your cherished pet.

We invite you to browse our online selection of pet urns & memorial products to explore the physical memorials for your cherished pet companion.

Let your heart lead you to a good-bye that gives you the peace you deserve.

Online Pet Memorials

Pet Tales™, our online pet memorial, gives grieving families the unique opportunity to pay tribute to their pet. Our proprietary online system provides unique ways to pay tribute:

  • On-line Tribute
  • The Lighting of Memorial Candles
  • Music
  • A Gallery of Treasured Photographic Memories
  • Personal Messages of Condolence
  • Sharing via Social Media

If a Pet Tales™ online tribute dedicated to the memory of your pet sounds like a wonderful way to pay tribute to their loyal devotion, then please visit Pet Tales on this website.

We can help you to host a pet memorial service or pet funeral that’s a fitting expression of the love you shared with your pet. Our experienced staff can assist you in making all the arrangements, please call us today.

To assist you, we have prepared an informative guide which you may download

A Guide to Planning Ahead

Guiding you through the loss of your pet… because your pet is part of the family.